You only get one chance to make a first impression

Once you possess photographs that resonate with you and that you're eager to share, showcasing and selling what sets you apart from competitors becomes a much smoother process.

Individual Headshots

Here’s a fresh take on headshots and how they’ve evolved!

In the fast-paced world of business in Knoxville, you need a variety of ways to market yourself effectively. A diverse set of professional headshots can offer you a wealth of options when it comes to your online presence. You’ll always have the perfect image to use across social media, newsletters, emails, and beyond! With a collection of polished headshots, you’ll showcase your brand consistently - which leads to more brand recognition. Which leads to more inquires....what we all want.


While at my highest weight since having children, I was nervous to have even the scheduled headshot taken! Little did I know that I would walk out with not only an amazing headshot but also numerous other pictures that I hadn’t planned to take; I also didn’t know I would love them and myself as much as I did after seeing myself through Liz’s eyes and lens! The consummate professional, the kindest and most gentle encourager, and skilled beyond my imagination- that is Liz Salem.

I had a great experience with Liz at a recent workshop where she shot several headshots of me. While I'm very comfortable behind the camera I'm the exact opposite in front. Liz's warm and confident style totally put me at ease to capture several really nice images. Thanks Liz.

We used Liz when we needed professional head shots for work. Liz is one of the kindest and most positive people you'll ever meet. She is able to instantly put you at ease and was awesome to work with. Most importantly, the finished products were great. Highly recommend.

Liz did head shots for me and my two associates today. She is very professional and fun and it is in a relaxed and artistic space. We had a great time there and look forward to seeing our photos!!!

Group Headshots

Now, picture this: your team standing shoulder to shoulder, radiating confidence and professionalism.

Group headshots aren’t just about capturing faces; they’re about capturing the essence of teamwork and unity within your Knoxville business. In today's competitive market, showcasing a cohesive team can set you apart. Imagine the impact on your clients when they see the faces behind the brand working seamlessly together. Group headshots not only bolster your company's image but also foster a sense of camaraderie among your staff. With a series of group headshots, you're not just presenting individuals; you're presenting a united front, signaling to clients that your team is ready to tackle any challenge together. It’s not just about the faces; it’s about the story they tell – one of collaboration, dedication, and success.

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